Faculty Name : Tejaswini R M
Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Tejaswini_R_MAssistant Professor,
Department of CSE.


Education Details :


  • Pursuing Ph.D in Computer Science and engineering, VTU, registered in 2016-17.
  • Master of Technology, Software Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru, 2014
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Basaveswara Engineering college Bagalkot, 2008
  • Diploma in Information Science & Engineering, VP Polytechnic, Belgaum -2004
Personal Details :
  • DOB: 23 June 1985
  • Hobbies: Animations, Learning new Technical Languages
  • Languages: English, Kannada, Hindi
Profession Experience :
  • Assistant Professor, GSSSIETW, Mysuru, August 2009 to till date.
Publications :
  • “A comparative study of different network simulation tools and experimentation platforms for underwater communication”, Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Vol. 10, No. 2, April 2021, pp. 879~885, ISSN: 2302-9285, DOI: 10.11591/eei.v10i2.1466
  • “Cluster based Detection and Reduction Techniques to Identify Wormhole Attacks in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks”, (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 11, No. 7, 2020
  • “Design of a Fault Detection and Recovery method for Cluster based Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks” International Journal on Emerging Technologies 11(3): 164-168(2020)
  • “Design of an Energy Efficient Cluster Based Localization Algorithm (EECBLA) for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks” , Journal IJITEE, Volume-9 Issue-7 May 2020
  • “Design of an Optimal Distributed Energy Efficient Hybrid Optical – Acoustic Cluster Based Routing Protocol (EEHCRP) to Minimize the Energy Consumption in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks” International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-8 Issue-5, January 2020
  • “Survey on underwater optical wireless communication: perspectives and challenges, Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, http://ijeecs.iaescore.com/index.php/IJEECS/article/view/13809
  • “A Comparative Study on Different Network Simulation Tools and Experimentation Platforms for Underwater Communication”, Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
  • “IOT Based Load Monitoring And Auditing System” National Conference on Image Processing, Computing, Communication, Networking and Data Analytics April 2018
  • “Wireless Home Security Surveillance System Using Android Application” National Conference on Image Processing, Computing, Communication, Networking and Data Analytics April 2018
  • “Memory Management for Heterogeneous Main Memory “International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology” May 2017
  • Information Resource Security for wireless networks International journal for advanced research in technology volume 2, issue 10, IJSARTV2I105900, October 2016.
  • “Reduction about execution time & energy consumption using ternary decision for multiple offloading targets in handheld device”, International Research Journals of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), volume 3 issue 7.
  • “Survey paper on Elliptic Curve Cryptography”- International Conference on signal processing, communication and computational research held at Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Mysuru on 18th & 19th Mat, 2016.
  • “Bone Crevice Revelation Proving with Open CV” IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 3, Issue 03, 2015.
  • “Securing Cloud Server & Data Access with Multi-Authorities” International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Research, Vol. 2, Issue 2, pp: (297-302), Month: April-June 2014.
  • “ RAACK-Reinforce Adaptive Acknowledgement A Secure Intrusion Detection System for MANETS” International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Research, Vol. 2, Issue 2, pp: (283-296), Month: April-June 2014.
Academics Activities :
  • Practical Examination / Theory Valuation of BE VTU Examination.
  • Prepared Lab manual of Data Structures Laboratory (15CSL38)
  • Prepared Lab Manual of Computer Graphics & Visualization Laboratory (10CSL67) for the year 2013-14
  • Prepared Lab Manual of Web Programming Laboratory for the year (10CSL78) 2014-15
  • Prepared Lab Manual of Data Structures Laboratory (15CSL38) for the year 2016-17
Faculty Development Activities :
  • Attended AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy Online Elementary FDP on "Cyber Security : Storage System Architecture and File System Forensics" from 13/09/2021 to 17/09/2021 at Siddaganga Institute of Technology
  • Attended FDP on “Internet of Things using LoRa”,  organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GSSSIETW, Mysuru on 17th September 2021.
  • Attended FDP on “ Inspirational Teaching, IoT and 5G Communication”,  organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering held from 15th to 17th September 2021.
  • Attended FDP on “Outcome based education and accreditation” from 25 May to 29 May 2020
  • Attended Seminar on “ Machine Learning Model Deployment using Flask and Other Techniques” on 4 June 2020
  • Attended seminar personality Development through online course the 3Dimensional learning. On 1 June 2020.
  • Attended AI and Data science webinar on 30 May 2020
  • Attended FDP on Research Methodology - Tools and Techniques from 25 May 2020 to 29 May 2020.
  • Online certification courses completed On HTML & SQL Fundamentals
  • Attended Effective and Efficient Online Teaching in the Age of Corona: A Hands-On Workshop on Saturday, 16 May 2020'
  • Attended Satellite and Automation webinar Series” from 11th may 2020 to 13th May 2020
  • Attended 2 day “FDP on IoT and Industrial Applications” at GSSSIETW, Mysuru on 6th and 7th August 2018.
  • Attended 2 day FDP on “Quality Indicator Framework (QIF) for NAAC Process” from 23rd July to 24th July 2018 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Attended 5 day FDP on “Recent Advances in Machine Learning” from 17th July to 21st July 2018.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Bloom’s Taxonomy” on 31st January 2017 in GSSSIETW, Mysuru conducted by ISTE chapter.
  • One day Faculty Development Programme on "Recent trends in Science and Mathematics RTSM” at GSSSIETW, 11 Jan 2017.
  • One day Faculty Development Programme on Research Methodology at GSSSIETW, on 9th June 2017.
  • Participated in IEEE PES Workshop on “Women in Power Engineering” , Organized by GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Mysuru- December 2016.
  • Attended one day workshop on “ R & D Funding Opportunities and Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights” in July 2016, GSSSIETW, Mysuru
  • Attended One day Workshop on “Cloud Computing” in July 2016, GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Participated in Faculty Development Programme on “MOOC Blended Learning” Organized by Indian Institute of Management studies, Bangalore – June 2016
  • Participated in Faculty Development Programme on “Real Time Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT” Organized by Computer Society of India, Bangalore & Mysore Chapters and GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Mysuru -2016
  • Participated in “NBA Accreditation” Workshop Organized by GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Mysuru- 2015
  • Participated in “Faculty Enablement Program (FEP)” on Foundation Program 4.0 Conducted by Infosys Limited, Mysuru-2015.
  • Completed Courseware, practical training & evaluation for “INSTRUCTIONAL EXCELLENCE IN INTELLIGENT SYSTEM” under Intel® college excellence program conducted at GSSSIETW, Mysore-2013
  • Participated in three days Faculty Development Programme on “Knowledge Mining”, organized by GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Mysuru- 2011
  • Participated in Mission10X workshop conducted at GSSSIETW, Mysore-2011
  • Attended Workshop on “HIGH IMPACT TEACHING SKILLS” Attested by Dale Carnegie Associates, Inc, Trainer & Wipro, Mysore- 2010
Administrative Activities  :
  • Organized and Coordinated for 5 days FDP on “Recent Advances in Machine Learning” from 17th July to 21st July 2018.
  • Coordinated for National Conference NCICCNDA on 28th April 2018.
  • Coordinator for the event C and C++ Coding in Techno Spectrum National Level Technical Competition on 4th April 2018.
  • Worked as Event manager for ICCEECOT 2017 on 15th and 16th December 2017 at GSSSIETW, Mysuru-.
  • Coordinator for Registration committee for National Conference NCICCNDA 29th July 2017
  • Conducted workshop for 1st semester students on “Computer Hardware, Networking, Open Source’s Software & Programming Skills” on 23rd September 2017 in GSSSIETW, Mysuru.
  • Co-ordinated in registration committee for First year Orientation day on 7th August 2017.
  • Co-ordinated for NBA 3 criteria 2016-2017.2017-2018.
  • Co-ordinated for “Code-Igniter” National Level Coding Competition on 27th August 2017 in GSSSIETW, Mysuru
  • Coordinated IEEE PES Workshop on “Women in power Engineering” on 16 December 2016.
  • Coordinated for International Conference on “Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer & Optimization Techniques on 9th & 10th December 2016
  • Student Counselor-2015, 2016,2017
  • Staff Publication Coordinator -2016,2017
  • Exam Monitoring System Coordinator-2015, 2016, 2017,2018
  • Lab In charge Computer Programming Laboratory - 2016/17, 2017/18
  • Lab In charge Data Structures Laboratory—2016,2018.
  • Coordinator for Geethayaana -2014, 2015
  • Class Coordinator-2014,2018
  • Question Paper coordinator-2014
  • Time Table Officer--2014
  • Lab Incharge Programming the Web--2014
  • Coordinator for Faculty development Program on Knowledge Mining from Department of CSE , GSSSIETW,Mysore-2011
Professional Membership :
  • LMISTE [96883]
  • CSI Member : I1504284
Contact Details :

Department of CSE,
GSSS Institute Of Engineering & Technology For Women
Email Id:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone : 0821-4257304/305.(EXT-204). Mobile : 9448523023

My Vision :

To inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. To be a part of center of excellence of computer science and engineering.



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