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Dr.Jagadeesha M

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Faculty Name : Dr Jagadeesha M
Department : Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Dr Jayan V K

Professor and Headance
Dept. of MBA



Educational Details :
  • BBA- CSM  School of Graduate Studies -2006
  • MBA- National Institute of Business Management -2008
  • PhD -  Atlantic International University -2012
  • D. Litt - International Economics University -2018
  • ECP in Strategic Management from IIM Kashipur 2017
  • ECP in Digital Marketing from IIM Kashipur 2018
Personal Details :
  • Date of Birth:01/06/1964
  • Languages Known : Kannada English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
Professional Experience :
  • 18 Years in FMCG Industry (India, East and West Africa, Europe and USA)
  • 13 Years in Academics-India, Ethiopia, Kenya and Vienna
Sr.NoTitle of the PaperName of the JournalMonth and Year
1 Brands Extension confuse consumers G.J.M.R-2278-0955-VOL-4 September 2012
2 Causes for Retail Industry Globalization IJoART-ISSN-2278-7763. December-2012
3 Significant Development in Global Retail Industry with Reference to Economic Reforms in Asia and Africa Cyber times International Journal of Technology and Management- ISSNNo-2278-7518 December-2012
4 Modern Retail Trade-An Exploratory Study ZIJMR/EIJMMS-2231-5780. January-2013
5 International Retail Business & It’s Impact on Global Economy BMA-E-Journal-978-81-927496-0-0 May-2013
6 Global Business Influence on Central Asian Trade- IEECA (Institute of Eastern Europe and Central Asia)International Business Conference-Vienna Austria JEECAR-Vol-1-2-(ISSN-2328-8280,2328-8272) (Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research) 23 rd Oct 2014
7 Integrated Business Strategies and Its Impact on Modern Retail Trend[Africa] International Journal of Science Research and Technology ISSN2379-3686 July-2015
8 Challenges, Hurdles and Opportunities in Teaching IB Course (Case of Ethiopian Universities) Presented in Conference AIB 2017 Dubai 3 rd July 2017
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11 Predicting patient satisfaction Inpatient hospital laboratory services with the help of Logistic Regression Approach. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Dec-2020
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18 Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior:“An Impact Study” International Journal of Work Organization and Emotion (IJWOE)- IJWOE-116333 Vol-15-Issue1 Accepted in Feb - 2023& Published in February-2024
19 Critical factors determining digital payment user's adoption and preferences: An empirical study International Conference on Digital and Social Marketing (DiSMark 2023)- IEEE CPS Accepted on October 27, 2023


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  • International Business : Author:-Jagadeesha M , ISBN:-978-3-659-79253-3 ,Publisher:-Lambert Publications Germany ,Year of Publication:-2015
  • Global Buyers Meet , Author:-Jagadeesha Marigowda ,ISBN:-978-3-659-89910-2 Publisher:-Lambert Publications Germany,Year of Publication:-2016
  • Theory of Impediment (Global Buyers Meet-Vol-2) Author:-Marigowda Jagadeesha ISBN: -978-3-659-97993-4,Publisher:-Lambert Publications Germany,Year of Publication:-2016
  • Demonetization and Commonman,Author:-Marigowda Jagadeesha,ISBN:-978-3-330-05981-8 ,Publisher:-Lambert Publications Germany,Year of Publication:-2017
  • Political and Economic Model,Author:-Marigowda Jagadeesha,ISBN:-978-613-9-82430-4 Publisher:-Lambert Publications Germany,Year of Publication:-2018
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  • Research Methodology(A Multi-disciplinary Approach),Jagadeesha M+3 Authors ,SBN:-978-93-9363-1534,Oxford Publishers &Distributors
The Analysis Of The Management Of Human Resources In Business Organizations From The Perspective Of Innovation 202231051790A Poj-37/2022 16/09/2022
Impact Of Weighted Average Method In Analyzing Employees’ Performance By Applying“Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale(Bars)” 202331009811A Poj- 07/2023 17/02/2023
A Comparative Study On Consumer Buying Behavior In Purchasing Android Mobile Phone With Reference To Integrated Features Or Applications 202331016365 Poj-12/2023 24/03/2023
An Analytical Study On The Perspective Of Employees In Context To Workplace Spirituality Creates A Framework For Organizational Productivity 202331027905 Poj-16/2023 21/04/2023
Government’s Unemployment Insurance Is A Perception Of Youth Or Job security- A Socio Psychometric Analysis 202331032161 Poj-20/2023 19/05/2023
An Exploratory And Confirmatory Empirical Assessment Method Utilizing The Spiritual Well-Being Scale(Swbs) 202331040355 Poj-24/2023 16/06/2023
Health Insurance Plans Device Based On Insurer Assessment-Indian Patent Generation Life Style 389841-001 07/07/2023
Health Insurance Plans Generation Device Based On Insurer Life Style Assessment-Uk Patent 6297255-Vcr- 14-2023/Uk 19/072023
Patent Design-Health Insurance Plans Generation Device Based On Insurer Life Style Assessment Journal No 37/2023 15/09/2023
Empirical Analysis Of Employee’s Psychological Contraction Organizations’ Sustainability And Revenue 202331070251 Poj-51/2023 22/12/2023



International Level: 02

  • Academia of International Business-Annual Conference-Dubai 2017
  • Journal of Eastern Europe and Central Asian Research in Association with Webster University -Vienna 2014

National Level:01

  • Symbiosisi Institute of Health Sciences-Symbosis International University 2021
 Workshop Attended:
  • International Marketing Workshop by AIB held on 6th April 2022 at AIB -Brazil
  • AIB Workshop - South Asia Chapter held at IIM Bangalore on 12th Sep 2021
  • National Workshop on Marketing at IIM Bangalore on 6th Feb 2020.
Faculty Development Programs (FDP's) Attended:
  • ICMB-AMP Hyderabad on 25th Dec 2017 on Research Analysis on International Business with reference to Srilanka and India Foreign Trade Agreement
  • International economic University Maldives on Bilateral and Trilateral Trade on 6th May 2018
Subject taught for MBA Programs:
  • International Business, Strategic Management
Association with Professional Bodies:
  • Member:-Academy of International Business
  • Mentor: -Women Academy of International Business Mentoring Program
  • Mentor: -Global Mentorship Program Nottingham University China
  • Reviewer: -Emerald Insight Case studies
  • Reviewer: -Academy of International Business-Conference Papers
  • Reviewer:-Academy of Management-conference Papers
  • Best  Professor  in International   Business-for    2017-18   by    ICMB-AMP- Hyderabad-India on  16th December 2017
  • D-LITT-(Doctor      of    Letters)   International   Economic     University   SAARC Countries 30th May 2018
  • SIAA-ASDF-2019 Best Faculty Award on 6th April 2019 Hyderabad
  • Best Professor of the Year- 2021 - ASDF London-Global Awards-31/12/2021
Contact Details :

Department of MBA
GSSS Institute Of Engineering & Technology For Women
E- mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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